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Are you behind on your house payments in Central Oklahoma? Have you received a foreclosure notice, or do you know that your financial situation is unworkable and it is only a matter of time before you do? Do you have other debt burdens that are causing you extreme stress and worry about the future?

For many people in situations like yours, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best available solution. I can offer you clear, conscientious legal counsel focused on helping you save your home, reduce or eliminate some debts and gain time to catch up on other obligations. Practicing as a bankruptcy lawyer since 1998, I have helped many people across the cultural spectrum make sound decisions about bankruptcy and get their lives back on track.

Do You Need An Oklahoma City Area Foreclosure Defense Attorney? Worried That You Make Too Much To Get Any Legal Debt Relief?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy — sometimes called "reorganization" bankruptcy — involves forming a three- to five-year plan to catch up on debts and making payments to a federal trustee who has reviewed and approved that plan. This is a powerful solution for people who are, for example:

  • Facing the threat or reality of home foreclosure and want to pursue all viable options for saving the home
  • Laboring under overwhelming debts, but earning income that is too high to qualify for Chapter 7 "debt liquidation" bankruptcy

Many of the most important benefits achievable through Chapter 7 are also available through Chapter 13 — such as an automatic stay to stop creditor harassment, garnishments, lawsuits and repossessions. Chapter 13 is sometimes the only path available if you want to keep certain valuable property such as a home or vehicles.

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I am Todd Nalagan, a proven Norman Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney dedicated to helping each client understand what this and other debt relief options can accomplish. You can count on straight talk and helpful information, without any "hard sell" or added pressure, when you meet with me face to face. Call 800-514-2073 or send me an email inquiry today.

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