Norman Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you have too much debt and are feeling serious pressure and fear about your financial situation, you are far from alone. Adverse economic conditions have put people across many occupations and personal situations in the same boat. Further, literally anyone can suffer setbacks — job loss, a medical crisis, or divorce, for example — that make considering personal bankruptcy the best possible move.

I am Todd Nalagan, a deeply experienced Norman Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney who has helped many people throughout Oklahoma get the debt relief they needed. I have represented college students, licensed professionals, business executives and others across the spectrum of life in our state. I judge no one and will help you make the best possible decision about bankruptcy, beginning with a free, no-pressure consultation.

You May Have A Legal Right To Substantial, Reliable Debt Relief

Longstanding federal laws put a debt-free fresh start within reach for most people. Far from being a source of shame, bankruptcy is essential to the U.S. economy because it allows people laboring under debt burdens to become productive again. For those who qualify, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides benefits, including:

  • Discharge (complete elimination) of all or most unsecured debts such as credit card balances, medical bills and signature loans
  • Near-immediate relief from creditor calls and harassment by collectors, through a powerful legal order called an automatic stay
  • Reliable protection against potentially crippling actions such as collection lawsuits, wage garnishments and placement of liens on bank accounts

Act Now To Talk Through Your Options And Receive Clear Guidance

Unfortunately, many people wait too long to learn about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other debt relief options — instead draining retirement accounts that could have been protected, borrowing from relatives and taking other actions they later regret.

Whether your concerns involve overwhelming credit card debt, foreclosure on your home or other severe financial pressures, I am a lawyer determined to help you turn things around. If Chapter 7 is not the answer, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be.

Contact A Seasoned Oklahoma City Area Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

I have handled bankruptcy filings in the Western, Eastern and Northern Districts of Oklahoma. Please call 800-514-2073 or send me an email today to talk through your specific needs, goals and options.

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