Norman Divorce Lawyer

If you are facing divorce, you are almost certainly feeling the emotional impact of the tough decisions and major changes that lie ahead. For many men and women, the extreme stress even has physical effects. Finding an attorney you can talk to and trust is essential.

If you have never been through divorce, you may have no reliable insight into your rights or the legal system in Oklahoma. Even if you have divorced previously, concerns about your children and financial stability may be intense. To get started forming a workable plan, I invite you to contact me, experienced Norman divorce attorney Todd Nalagan.

Clear Guidance And Protection Of Your Rights · Divorce Or Legal Separation

Although every divorce is divisive at some level, most couples are able to reach agreement on essential issues — typically with considerable guidance from attorneys. When disputes over child custody, property division, support or other critical matters prevent this, the divorce lawyer you have on your side becomes even more important.

I am committed to helping you make the best decisions possible and protecting your legal rights every step of the way through:

  • An uncontested divorce, in which I draft a proposed decree and work toward agreement through negotiation, often saving time and the costs of litigation
  • A contested divorce involving complex disagreements over children, money or other matters — and sometimes even requiring resolution at trial
  • A legal separation to establish orders while you pursue counseling or take other steps to determine whether proceeding with divorce is right for you

If children are involved, objective counsel on how the courts will view their best interests is critical. If your main concerns involve marital property, support and other financial issues, you need an attorney who will complete a thorough analysis and represent your interests assertively.

Speak With A Skilled, Caring Oklahoma City Area Marriage Dissolution Attorney

My constant goal in all family law matters is to take care of my client. That means I will work to thoroughly understand your unique personal situation. I will prepare you for each step, present options clearly and forecast whether outcomes you want are achievable. I am honest and forthright in estimating costs and fees.

To schedule a free, no-pressure consultation at a time that works for you, please call or email me, family lawyer Todd Nalagan, as soon as you can.