Norman Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Questions about your legal rights as a father can arise in many different situations. I know how important time with and influence on their kids are for many men, and you can come to me for clear counsel and loyal, practical representation. I handle paternity cases as well as divorces and issues that arise after divorce.

An Oklahoma City Area Attorney For Fathers' Custody And Visitation Rights

There are many misconceptions surrounding Oklahoma laws that govern fathers' and mothers' rights. In fact, both parents are recognized equally under the law, but the primary concern of the court is always the best interest of the child. Another reality is that many fathers face an uphill battle when it comes to gaining sole or joint custody or favorable, generous visitation rights. I encourage you to talk with me about your goals.

I Will Get To Know You And Offer Trustworthy, Helpful Legal Guidance

My approach to custody and visitation matters for fathers is aggressive yet realistic. My proven strengths and capabilities as a Central Oklahoma custody lawyer include:

  • Assertive negotiation on the part of responsible divorcing fathers seeking equal time or a favorable, workable parenting time schedule
  • Development of detailed parenting plans that do justice to the father's role and may enable a relatively efficient, affordable uncontested divorce
  • Skilled pursuit of formal paternity recognition and visitation rights for unmarried fathers who want to see children and provide child support
  • Guidance for fathers whose fitness to parent has been questioned due to substance use, prior criminal allegations involving domestic abuse, or other issues

Whether your case requires negotiation from a position of strength or step-by-step efforts to build the best case for you in the eyes of an Oklahoma court, I want to help and I know how. You can trust my experience as a Norman fathers' rights attorney and hire me knowing that I will stay responsive to you every step of the way.

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For counsel on your divorce, paternity matter or desire to obtain a post-divorce custody modification, call or email me, attorney Todd Nalagan, anytime. You will work closely and directly with me — not be passed along to someone less experienced as you might be at a larger family law firm. I accept credit card payments for services and extend payment plans when necessary.