Norman Juvenile Law Attorney

If your teenage son or daughter has been arrested, the worry and stress you feel may be intense. This can become a major issue for any parent of any economic status, regardless of how attentive and loving. Finding a lawyer you can trust is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your child's future and your family's overall well-being.

I welcome calls from parents of young people who have run afoul of the law, encountered serious problems at school, or both. You can contact me, experienced Norman juvenile law attorney Todd Nalagan, anytime for counsel focused on working things out with clear focus on protecting your child's criminal record, reputation and prospects.

Juvenile Defense Representation · Intervention With School Authorities

Practicing law in Oklahoma since 1998, I have built a reputation for integrity spanning area courts, county juvenile bureaus and the Office of Juvenile Affairs. The Law Office of L. Todd Nalagan is a proven resource for cases involving:

  • Misdemeanor criminal offenses such as shoplifting (petit larceny), other property crimes, minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), and marijuana or other drug possession
  • Even more serious charges such as weapons possession or assault, which could lead to "secured placement" of your child, especially if faced without strong legal representation
  • Truancy and other delinquency matters that may expose your child to school suspension, expulsion or other serious consequences in this age of "zero tolerance" policies

I take the time to understand family dynamics, unique challenges for the child in trouble, and parents' most important priorities. My constant mission is to find the best path to favorable resolution with discretion. You will work directly with me through every phase of your ordeal — rather than dealing with less experienced personnel and layers of communication as you might at a larger law firm.

Has Your Child Been Arrested? Do You Need An Oklahoma City Juvenile Delinquency Lawyer?

The juvenile justice system in Oklahoma is sharply distinct from the adult system. While it is important to find a lawyer versed in solid investigative methods and defense strategies, it is crucial to work with one who has significant juvenile case experience.

To request a free consultation focused squarely on your child's case and your family's best interests, contact me now. I offer after-hours and off-site appointments when needed and accept credit card payments for my services.