Norman Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

An adoption within your family may be an almost entirely positive, joyful step — or it may be a necessity due to parents' absence or inability to care for the child. In either situation, finding the right legal counsel can make a tremendous difference in how the process goes, the outcome and the costs you incur.

Legal Help For Grandparents And Other Family Prepared To Step In

I have substantial experience as a Norman stepparent adoption attorney. In addition, I can provide all necessary legal counsel and representation for a grandparent adoption or other situation in which family members need to step in and care for a child permanently. If you want to work with a lawyer who will align with your goals and guide you and your family members through the adoption process as efficiently as possible, please contact me.

Serving Central Oklahoma, Including Oklahoma City: A Termination Of Parental Rights Attorney With Extensive Experience

Oklahoma adoption laws are detailed and specific. One of the key components is the need for a termination of parental rights, which may be either:

  • Consensual (also called extrajudicial) termination — for which the parent whose rights are being lawfully terminated need not appear, but will need to sign a lengthy legal document
  • Contested termination — for which it will be necessary to prove, for example, that a parent has provided no financial support for a consecutive 12-month period or has failed to build a bond and relationship with the child despite having the opportunity

Targeting Permanence And Maximum Efficiency In Your Adoption Case

My in-depth knowledge of the laws and court procedures relevant to your adoption case will be a tremendous asset. Every Oklahoma adoption requires background checks and interaction with the Department of Human Services (DHS). For many stepparent adoptions, however, it is feasible to petition the court for omission of certain steps such as home studies prior to placement.

I am committed to pursuing all viable avenues to expedite your case and minimize burdens and pressure on your family. I invite you to contact me, attorney Todd Nalagan, for a free adoption consultation. I will take the time to understand your unique family situation and offer clear, straightforward counsel on what I believe can be accomplished, what is required and how long it may take.