Norman Child Custody Lawyer

The most important and emotionally loaded family law issues involve children. Whether you are facing a divorce involving kids or want to assert your rights and protect a child you care about, quality legal counsel is essential. Relying primarily on family or friends for advice can lead to troubling outcomes and serious regrets.

Child custody, guardianship and visitation (or parenting time) are complex matters that call for sound information about relevant laws, required processes and your options. The basis of all these laws is the best interest of the child — but invested parties often have vastly different views of what that means. You can turn to me, experienced Norman child custody attorney Todd Nalagan, for realistic counsel and representation aligned with your goals.

Custody And Visitation · Paternity Claims · Guardianships And Terminations

I will clearly explain what terms such as sole custody and joint custody mean under Oklahoma law and how they relate to your specific case. As a deeply experienced family lawyer, I am available to advise and assist clients in all aspects of:

  • Uncontested divorce cases requiring careful documentation of mutual decisions about living arrangements, decision-making authority and time with each parent
  • Divorce cases calling for negotiation or litigation to resolve custody and parenting time disputes
  • Pursuit of either mothers' or fathers' rights involving a child born out of wedlock, including paternity actions from either perspective — to have parentage lawfully recognized and obtain visitation rights, or to obtain and enforce a child support order
  • Post-decree modifications of custody and/or visitation due to changes in circumstances that endanger the child or have other serious consequences
  • Petitions for guardianships — often on behalf of grandparents or other relatives when they need to step in for a parent who cannot or will not care for a child

Do You Need An Oklahoma City Area Visitation Attorney? Do You Want Solid Information On Your Parental Rights And Viable Legal Options?

I truly empathize with the grave concern parents feel when it comes to custody, as well as the pressures that come with single parenting, divorce and life afterward. Whatever your specific situation, you will be treated with care and respect in my practice, beginning with a free consultation. If you need to meet outside business hours or discuss the likely costs of pursuing various legal actions, please just call and ask.