Norman Expungement Lawyer

There are many situations that lead people to explore whether there is any way to "get clear" of an arrest, conviction or other legal issue in their pasts. You may be considering a job change and know how easy it is these days for employers to perform complete background checks. You may have applied for a state license of some type and been denied. It is definitely worth talking to a knowledgeable lawyer about the possibility of expungement.

Are You Trying To Clear Your Record? Get Experienced, Reliable Guidance.

I understand the eligibility requirements and necessary processes for obtaining expungements under Oklahoma law — and the extensive changes to these laws taking effect in late 2012. I will welcome your call and provide a free consultation to discuss whether you may qualify for a full or partial expungement and the likely costs of pursuing your case.

Expungement laws are complex. Whether you were convicted or received a deferred sentence, your age at the time and the type of offense must all be considered. You must have maintained a clean record since, in almost all cases. Some of the more common scenarios that may allow for expungement or petitioning to have the record sealed include:

  • Offenses committed when under the age of 18
  • Offenses for which a deferred sentence and probation were completed
  • Relatively minor offenses committed more than 10 years in the past

Consult An Oklahoma City Area Attorney For Expungement Of Criminal Records

A mistake you made long ago should not hold you back forever if there is a legal, practical way to avoid that. To discuss your eligibility with a Norman expungement attorney who will treat you with care and respect, contact me, Todd Nalagan. I offer personal attention to each client and accept credit card payments for all services.